Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School holder auditions til opptak til 3-årig studier i perioden 2019-2022. De vil foregå våren 2019 i tre ulike byer i Europa. Skolen vil også holde audition for et 12-ukers etterutdannelse program og 1-årig forskole.

Auditions in Spring 2019 for entering 3-year Diploma Programme 2019-2022:
– Livorno (IT) February 18th 2019
– Rome (IT) March 1st-3rd 2019
– Copenhagen (DK) March 8th-9th 2019

It is only necessary to attend one audition period.

We advise you to apply at least 3 weeks before the audition since we need to watch your videos and application and let you know if you are invited for the audition. However, we do accept applications up to 5 days prior to the audition.

*Note: The auditions in Italy are a part of local dance festivals, Livorno in Danza and Europa In Danza (Rome), respectively. You will receive more information on how to attend after we have received your application.

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