Alleyne Dance (England) A night's game

Alleyne Dance blends Afro- Caribbean, Hip Hop, Kathak, Latin and Circus Skills within a contemporary dance context. Their movement is fast paced and dynamic with infusions of lyrical and fluid motion, with a focus on rhythms and textures. A Night’s Game explores the minds journey as the contemplation of the loss of freedom engulfs every waking moment.


Kristina Alleyne, Koreograf, Utøver
Sadé Alleyne, Koreograf, Utøver
Armand Amar, Musikk
Ólafur Arnalds, Musikk
Alan Dicker, Musikk
Paul Englishby, Musikk
Samuel Kerridge, Musikk
Kevin MacLeod, Musikk
Haroun Teboul, Musikk

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