Foto: Marlène Martin-Bjørnsgaard

Company B.Valiente JEDEN

ow do two men speaking two different languages manage to understand each other? What's going on in our heads when we dream? Why does high tech observe how death works but is unable to save lives? What did the painter Roman Opalka feel when he wrote with a brush the number 1000 000 on his canvas? Why can a fish live all its life in a jar without being bored? What happens in our brain when we make a decision? Why did we forget that little Omayra Sanchez died in Colombia in 1984 while the whole world watched her on television? Why can we commit suicide by looking at a beautiful landscape? Why do cats hunt mice while sleeping? What do we like most in life? Is there life after death?

Jeden means "one" in Polish, the language of Roman Opalka, the painter for whom time materializes in painting by sequences of numbers on canvases; So many questions and doubts of the human being confronted with his own disappearance.

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Gunhild Bjørnsgaard, Produsent
Jean Vincent Kerebel, Lysdesign
Marcelino Martin Valiente, Regi, Tekst, Video, Lysdesign, Skuespiller
Ole Johan Skjelbred, Dramaturg

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