Photo: Fili Olsefski for CoSA - Concerning the Spiritual in Art by LATERNA and LOCUS

LATERNA LOCUS CoSA – Concerning the Spiritual in Art

8. oktober 2017:
To the root -  As if we where speaking the language of nature To the root  is a dialogue through time and space, with a specific time and place; the wooden house and the surrounding garden of Elena Guro and Mikhail Matyushin, now housing the Museum of Avant-Garde in St. Petersburg. Through sound, voices and movement - echoing then through now - LATERNA seeks to give an embodied response to Guro´s poetic universe.
Installation by LOCUS // Thale Fastvold & Tanja Thorjussen
A dialogue with color A dialogue with Color is based on a dialogue with Michail Matyushin and Elena Guro´s color studies which is on display in the museum collection. LOCUS was on a residency in St.Petersburg in 2016 and did research on the colour experiments conducted by Matyushin and Guro.
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Inger-Reidun Olsen, Konsept, Utøver
Marianne Skjeldal, Konsept, Utøver

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