Dance Information Norway has gathered video-trailers and information about 60 Norwegian dance artist in order to give an overview of Norwegian artists and promote their work.
We registered 181 Norwegian choreographers and companies in 2014, so this is only a small selection based on submitted material.

Dance Information Norway’s next Norwegian dance documentation “project” will be an overview of dance crews in Norway.

An artist collective formed by dance artist Jenny Svensson, performer Jussi Salminen and percussionist Aleksander Kostopoulos. They have created, and perform in, Graceland - an integrating cabaret on immigration. Web Svensson / Web Salminen / Web Kostopoulos

Th’ Line is led by the dancers Ida Wigdel and Kristina Søetorp. They have developed an intriguing way of balancing humor and seriousness to challenge conventions and problematize hierarchies.
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Plire Multi Dance is a project based dance company built around the choreographer Tharan Revfem with an interdisciplinary orientation.
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Aspaas’ choreographies have won acclaim for a unique, distinct expression, exploring enthralling themes with poetic depth. She develops choreographic narratives with powerful, explosive physical language as the foundation of her artistic work. Web / Vimeo

To the Pointe Ballet Productions is Norway´s only project based Ballet Company for young professional ballet dancers at the age 18 - 25.
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Torgunn Produksjoner has been producing dance-theatre and clown performances since 2000. Every production is made in collaboration with others - dancers, composers or other artists. Web / YouTube / Facebook

Norwegian choreographer Ulf Nilseng´s work has been presented in Norway, Cuba and Mexico. Toyboys is a dance company dedicated to exploring queer content, questions about identity and power structures. Web / Facebook

Vilde Sparre has a Master of Art Degree in choreography from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2008). She works with contemporary dance, often bordering on theatre.
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Y to C - is a roof name for all activities of choreographer and visual artist Yaniv Cohen. Cohen’s work relates to the way human beings perceives themselves and question the way they portray it to others.
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In order to promote Norwegian dance artists Dance Information Norway has created a DVD video collage with 33 Norwegian choreographers and companies. In addition we produced a booklet with more information. 
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