Dance Information Norway has gathered video-trailers and information about 60 Norwegian dance artist in order to give an overview of Norwegian artists and promote their work.
We registered 181 Norwegian choreographers and companies in 2014, so this is only a small selection based on submitted material.

Dance Information Norway’s next Norwegian dance documentation “project” will be an overview of dance crews in Norway.

Working as a dancer and choreographer in Northern Norway. Captivated by the different connections between movement and sound, and finds inspiration in trying to understand and challenging this relationship. Web / YouTube

Her works operate at the intersection of dance/theater and performance, combining movement with text and voice, linked to site, objects or materials, placed in nature, public spaces, gallery-rooms or staged. Web / Vimeo / Facebook

Martin Slaatto - solo works addressing both very personal matters and conformity. Get familiar with his ’transporteringsdans’ - TD - a ruleset for playfully transporting yourself from A to B.
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Abrahamsen is the founder and artistic director of Ink Productions. Works include several full-length performances for her company, dance film collaborations and choreography for a variety of theatres and companies. Web / Vimeo / Facebook

Habib’s work is described as holding a “culture critical perspective on body, identity, society and dance”. The work tours internationally and has been co-produced by institutions all over Europe. Web

Monica Emilie Herstad is an artist within contemporary performance and an artist that travels between the fields of dance, experimental theatre, video art, visual art, music composition and performance art.
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Myhre/Kongsness is the two artists Ingrid Berger Myhre and Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness in collaboration. They started working together in 2012 and premiered their first production LATEST NOTES in 2015. Web Myhre / Web Kongsness / Vimeo

Fairy tales and myths, white landscapes from the North are among the themes in his works, constantly touring for thirty years and described as one of the leading modern dance exponents in Norway.
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ODE has, for the last 20 years, been an important arena, leading the way for furthering the development of jazzdance by integrating into it, the language of Contemporary Dance.
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Ostwald/Uvaas are two freelance dance artists based in Oslo, Norway. They have an ongoing collaboration creating interactive performances, which communicate with their audiences through the use of all senses.
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Choreographer/dancer Øyvind Jørgensen - active for the last 30 years, known for big stage productions, full length solos and lately for collaborations with different artists and a diversity of expressions.
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Panta Rei Dance Theatre is known for its high paced and colorful dance theatre performances accessible to a wide audience. PRD has an extensive outreach program.
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Choreographer duo Külli Roosna and Kenneth Flak deals with the dancing body’s possibilities and limitations, in a constant dialogue with digital technologies and discourses that extend and counterpoint it. Web / Vimeo / Facebook

Kartellet is a dance company based in Troms that let the audience experience a physical collaboration between male dancers: Interactivity based on traditional dancing and contemporary art.
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Her work is often site-specific and for a young audience. The solo-performance Oppdageren, situated in a classroom, is an engaging performance on being a discoverer outside and within your own body.

Choreographer from Lakselv, Northern Norway. Living and working in the arctic has strongly influenced her works. Productions: Reindans – Boazodánsa, Mannen som stoppa hurtigruta, Northern Soul and the short film Homecoming.
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Siri&Snelle playfully incorporate dance, text, music and visual elements. Drawing upon both high and popular culture, and by dissecting their own personal spheres, they highlight numerous social undercurrents. Web / Vimeo

Sølvi Edvardsen is one of Norway's leading choreographers and made her debut with Collage Dansekompani in 1980. She has choreographed works for the Norwegian National Ballet, Carte Blanche, Oslo Danse Ensemble, TV, many theatres and the Festival in Bergen.

Stellaris DansTeater is a professional dance company based in Hammerfest, Norway. The company was founded in 1980, and works daily with production of performances, touring and networking.
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Subjazz is a project based company, a one of a kind collaboration with its own unique signature. Recognized by many as artists who are constantly pushing the envelope and developing their scenic expression. Web / Facebook