h2dance Strangers and Others


Wearing head phones the audience enter the stage rather than the auditorium, instructed live through a series of choreographed meetings. Invited to look, touch, assume and judge, they choose how to respond, placing themselves into lines, groups and pairs. Witnessed only by the choreographers, they use appearance, physicality and behaviour as a guide to negotiate each other as they cooperate in silence. Immersed in light and sound the space of the theatre frames the questions; who takes responsibility and when do actions have consequences?

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Hanna Gillgren, Koreograf, Konsept
Heidi Rustgaard, Koreograf, Konsept
Sylvia Hallett, Komponist
Ian Abbott, Tekst
Andrew Hammond, Lysdesign
Grzegorz Zajac, Lydteknikk
Martin Hargreaves, Dramaturg

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